Full-stack developer with DevOps experience, agile enthusiast, professional with enterprise background that loves getting things done. Productivity, constant improvement and highest possible quality are my attitudes. I consider myself as an One Man Army as I'm experienced in every application layer from infrastructure, through backend to frontend (inkcluding single-page web apps).

My typical project roles are a mix of (in different proportions) Lead Developer, Team Leader, Project Manager, Architect, Designer, System Administrator, Consultant, Coach, Tester, Business Analyst, Product Owner and more. I'm certified ScrumMaster and Product Owner and Oracle Certified Professional Java Compiler Developer

Currently im working with Ruby on Rails stack and JavaScript with a mix of node.js, bash and a bit of C. My background includes enterprise development in Java/J2EE, mobile development for Android platform, games development and embedded development in C/C++ for telecom.

I'm an avid follower of SOLID principles, that loves simple design. Nothing makes me more happy than clear, simple interfaces, small methods and clean code. My toolkit includes UNIX/Linux systems, VIM, tmux and of course Git.